About Us

We, at Asia Europe Commerce Group HK Ltd., believe in the new Euro-Asian market development named

“One Belt – One Road”. It has been initiated and implemented by the Chinese Government in 2013. Since then it has high priority. Therefore we believe this megaproject deserves not only the best support but also provides a positive perspective for long-term engagement and involvement.


AEC Group is a quality destination for companies or individuals looking for industry trends, investments, find business partners and news about Asian companies - from startups to the Fortune 1000. AEC Group is the source for information and a matchmaker for companies which wish to enter successful into the largest market on this planet, the Asia Euro market.


AEC Group is more than just a source of information – it’s simply knowledge - which we have and can provide. Benefit from our experience and our connections and get us involved from the beginning to gain the necessary deep insider knowledge in all areas.


AEC Group was founded for this reason and to become the connector between European companies and the most innovative Asian companies and markets. We built a unique and scalable approach to data collection for leveraging a strong community of contributors, a large venture partner network and in-house data teams, armed with powerful tools.


Thanks to an amazing (and growing) team, we're creating the single source of business intelligence about an enormous market.


So, become part of our endeavor and get engaged with us in the biggest mega projects for centuries to come.