Business Consulting

The rapid pace of technological evolution means there is no single company without risk of disruption over the course of the next decade.


The business consulting unit of AEC Group HK Ltd. works with clients of many types of business in Asia and Europe to assist in a save transformation into a successful operation of  a modern economy, embracing digital solutions as a central driver to future success. With the strength of our knowledge and experience, we help start-ups to get off the ground and assist established companies to expand in foreign and unknown territories.


We begin our consulting work with future-casting, given the rapid change of technology alongside shifting user expectations and what is likely to be a highly competitive future landscape. How will this translate into an appropriate client strategy for long-term sustainable competitive advantage? From this foundation, we seek to understand new market and revenue opportunities, innovating business models, and new ways to generate cost savings.


With AEC Group HK Ltd. as partner, clients can expect design practice and will experience a strategic vision that translates into conceptual designs that clearly communicate the future state of a digitally-transformed organization - from the perspective of employees, customers, and other stakeholders.


And finally, the AEC Group team works closely with clients to operationalize the actual transformation at site. We have extensive experience in helping to plan the implementation, that includes helping clients to set up the appropriate technologies, processes, operating structures, and internal capabilities required to be successful. The team of the AEC Group will draw the roadmap and propose a multi-year planning which will be coupled with the focus on immediate implementation of quick wins and beacons to build an internal momentum for broader changes.