Want to Buy an electric car delivered to your doorstep?

The electric vehicle industry developed rapidly, also internationally, due to a confluence of various factors such as government support, industry changes and private consumer demand. The automotive industry in China has also begun to develop a large and prestigious electric vehicle sector, supported by both the private and public sectors. China's automakers are barely known in Europe or the US, but industry observers are sure that it will change soon.

The AEC Group had a look around and introduces some of the new models that will be launched in Asia and in Europe within the next 12 months and we can deliver these cars to your doorstep:


Model: SUV ES8, more information

Range: about 350 km, 70 kWh battery

Sales start: Already delivered in China since June 2018

Production: Outsourced to JAC Motor in Hefei. 

Unique feature: self-learning, playfully animated AI system Nomi for operating the systems in the interior

Company Background: Capital 2.6 billion Euros in the past 3 years. US IPO is to add another 1.6 billion Euros, valuation of China Money Network currently 4.4 billion Euros. Investors are China's Internet giants Baidu and Tencent, Silicon Valley fund Sequoia Capital, Chinese-American fund Hillhouse Capital, Singapore's state fund Temasek

Price: 58,000 euros (before purchase premiums)

WM Motors SUV EX5

Model: SUV EX5, more information

Range: 300-460 km (3 battery variants of 45-60 kWh)

Sales start: Available since May 2018 in China

Company Background: 2.6 billion Euros (according to self-reported by WM Motors CEO Freeman Shen), valuation at CMN 4.4 billion. Investors are China's Internet companies Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba

Production: In own factory in Wenzhou, capacity: 200,000 cars / year

Unique feature: cheaper than other electric, connected cars

Price: from 25,000 Euros (before purchase premiums)

Xpeng Motors SUV G3

Model: SUV G3, more information

Range: 320 km

Sales start: November 2018 to be delivered the first G3s

Company Background: 700 million Euros, this year still wants to collect 1.4 billion euros, valuation of CMN at 3.3 billion Euros. Investors are China's IT giant Alibaba, iPhone contract maker Foxconn, US venture capital fund IDG Capital

Production: first vehicles are produced by Haima Auto, own factory with a capacity of 100,000 cars per year to be completed in 2019

Unique feature: 360-degree camera on the roof; Use of free Tesla patents, many interior ideas inspired by Tesla

Price: 25.500-35.700 Euro (before purchase premiums)

Youxia Motors E-Limo X

Model: E-limousine Youxia X, more information

Range: up to 460 km with 85 kWh battery

Sales start: early 2019

Company Background: Collected 700 million euros in March 2018, is rated by CMN with 1.7 billion Euros. Investors are 12, including China National Environmental Protection Industry Corporation and China Fortune Ocean Fund

Production: own factory in Huzhou under construction, annual capacity of 200,000 cars / year planned

Price: 34,000 Euro

Singulato Motors SUV iS6

Model: SUV iS6, more information

Range: 400 kilometers (to NEDC)

Sales start: end of 2018

Company Background: Capital of 2 billion Euros according to self-reports. Investors are Tongling City Government, Internet Security Company Qihoo 360, Chinese Venture Capital Fund GX Capital

Production: Initial production outsourced to BAIC, factory with capacity for 60,000 cars / year. Under construction is a second factory In the Chinese town of Tongling.

Unique feature: Hardware and software similar to a smartphone to the preferences of the driver customizable

Price: 30,000-40,000 Euros

Byton SUV M-Byte

Model: Electric SUV M-Byte, more information

Range: 350-500 km, battery 71 or 95 kWh,

Sales start: 2019

Company Background: Valuation according to CMN at 1 billion Euros. Investors are China's IT giant Tencent, Apple contract manufacturer Foxconn, battery maker CATL, automaker FAW

Production: own factory in Nanjing under construction, to go into operation in 2019, designed for 300,000 cars / year

Unique feature: huge screen across the entire vehicle width, including intelligent control via gestures, speech, face recognition - aims at the mass market right from the start; Founding team with many years of BMW corporate experience

Price: 37,500 Euro (Richtpreis)