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With our program of a membership in a Co-operative Society or Credit Union, we enable exceptional private equity opportunities in a future-oriented market, ensuring good returns on the long term.


Our private equity programs are future-proof projects which are not exposed to speculations or the usual market mechanisms that are subject to unexpected fluctuations in returns.


By being able to participate in our membership program or to invest directly in the project, you have an influence on the development and the timeline of the project.


Whatever you choose, it's a decision for the future. This future market holds great potential in the long term.


Moreover, these are environmental projects, which contribute significantly to the reduction of emissions and to traffic noise in congested cities.

Alone from this perspective, your commitment is a win and you contribute decisively by improving the quality of life for all. From this point of view, active participation in our projects has a double worth: humanitarian and material.


This is a unique symptom that is rarely generated in the capital market, so take this opportunity and see if you too should get involved in this regard.

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