Private Equity Program


Considering the worsening monetary crisis in the Western financial world, it is advisable to look for alternatives in the capital market.


An important point is the expected restriction of cash flow with the limitation of the maximum cash amount of 5,000 € / $ - this causes many people to feel uncomfortable. An additional aspect is the uncertain currency situation caused by the unrestrained printing of money by the central banks. These and other factors are reasons for concern to many people, and they are searching for alternatives to avoid these realities.


The private equity spectrum of AEC Group HK Ltd. offers exactly these alternatives, while at the same time covering the security needs of each investment.


AEC Group offers the opportunity to join our private equity program which covers all cash management and investments and much more. AEC Group cannot offer these products like cheap solutions or mass-produced ideas because they are too valuable. Therefore we decided to offer these opportunities through a community based platform which offers tailor-made packages.


Our private equity system works in a similar way to that of a cooperative, or a credit union, but not like that of traditional commercial banks.


Our private equity solutions also offer some special features, e.g. private equities that are covered with precious metals and thus are solidly structured.


This and much more will be made available to our members, particularly programs which we cannot publicly state or describe for advertising-regulatory reasons. We are not part of the Western financial system and therefore we do not work with this system - we work according to safe and profitable Asian market principles, making this a real alternative.


You will be surprised what profitable private equity opportunities there are - forms of equities you have never heard of before. Please contact us - we will be glad to provide you with details.