"E-Mobility" – why should you become a memBer?

With your membership, you will promote the reduction of emission gases, traffic noise and traffic congestions, thereby making a decisive contribution to improving the quality of life in our cities and regions.


AEC Group offers membership an E-Mobility project. E-Mobility is a new concept for providing a network for:

  • Purchase and sale of electric vehicles
  • Development of an infrastructure of charging stations, service facilities and the creation of charge & park facilities for e-cars
  • Electric vehicle systems
  • Car sharing systems (for commercial and private use)
  • Private-public passenger service (taxi, vans, busses)

What does the membership offer?

Your membership will offer you:

  • Recommendation and offer of electric vehicles
  • Discounts on the purchase of e-vehicles (see promos)
  • Use of the infrastructures of "E-Mobility" and their contractual partners
  • Use of the car sharing system
  • Use of the private-public transport service
  • Simplified handling of the "E-Mobility" App Network and billing systems


Membership Fees

Membership (one time)

Anual Fee 

HKD 15,000.00

HKD   1,800.00

EUR 1,600.00

EUR    200.00

RMB  12,600.00

RMB    1,600.00

The prices are based on Hong Kong dollars - using other currencies are subject to corresponding daily rates.

Your membership amount is a permanent security deposit for services used and is recorded in our billing system. Your membership also includes a participation in the distribution of revenue from the E-Mobility project (AEC Group).


For the first 100,000 members we offer a 30% discount on:

  • Purchase and installation of replacement batteries (applies only to vehicles supplied by us)
  • Use of the infrastructure of charging stations, service facilities and load & park systems for electric vehicles
  • Use of the car sharing pool
  • Use of the private-public e-mobility vehicle fleet
  • Participation in company growth

For the first 100,000 members we offer a 5 - 10% discount (after one year of membership) on: 

The available range of new vehicles will be published on our website and renewed, supplemented and/or expanded at irregular intervals.