Table of Rates



Gold Price London        




Gold Price Shanghai

2.      STORAGE

Storage fee for purchases and delivery of own goods

Examination fee for delivery of own goods (per safe bag) 

                                   19.00 €


3.      CUSTODY

       The storage fees for safekeeping in the vault or duty free warehouse amount to at least 2.50 € in the calendar month or 7.50 €           in the  quarter a year.

       In addition, the following scale rates (% p.a.) apply based on average inventory values for each calendar month (per year) .


       up to an average stock value of 500,000.00 EUR

       0.595% for gold, platinum, palladium and other platinum group precious metals

       1.488% for items made of silver


      from an average stock value of 500,000.01 EUR

      0.535% for gold, platinum, palladium and other platinum group precious metals

      1,368% for articles made of silver


      from an average stock value of 1.000.000,01 EUR

      0.465% for gold, platinum, palladium and other platinum group precious metals

      1,190% for silver articles


      The storage fees are determined and calculated as follows:

      For each vault, an inventory value is calculated on a daily basis on the basis, each separately, based on the respective AEC Group        reference prices and on the product category purchase price.  On weekends or non-trading days, the inventory values of the last          trading day before apply. Based on the daily inventory values, an average inventory value is determined for each calendar month,        to which the (annual) storage fees refer to the above mentioned scale rates and which are calculated (pro rata) for the respective        calendar month. The storage charges are calculated quarterly retroactively (stock value calculation). Upon dissolution or                      complete emptying of the value warehouse, a corresponding final settlement takes place.


      Outsourcing per transaction

     Outsourcing fee for (partial) sales to AEC

     Flat rate for physical outsourcing

     Transfer fee for orders and change of ownership (for example due to legal             situation)



                                                               19,00 €

                                                               69,00 €

                                                               69,00 €


      Basis of calculation per transaction

      goods value up to 10,000 EUR or total weight 5 kg

      goods value up to 20,000 EUR or total weight 10 kg

      goods value up to 50,000 EUR or total weight 25 kg

      goods value up to 100,000 EUR or total weight 50 kg      


                                                                            39,00 €

                                                                            69,00 €

                                                                          129,00 €

                                                                          249,00 €

      The prices quoted are valid up to a weight of 50 kg or a value of goods up to 100,000 EUR; larger quantities or values are priced        individually. The value of the goods is determined by the AEC Group reference prices (purchase price) of the day on which the              order was received by us. In the case of outsourcing of goods from the AEC warehouse, additional customs registration costs,              possibly VAT and, if applicable, additional third-party costs and fees may occur. We either charge them in the amount actually              occurred (without surcharge), or they are charged directly by the logistic company of the warehouse. Outsourcing takes place              only  after all costs and taxes have been paid in full.


6.      FEES FOR out of the normal correspondence

       Regular letter or reminder

       Registered letter or reminder (by courier)

                                                     12.00 €

                                                     24.00 €

As of January 2018, all prices excluding VAT, VAT is dependent on the country of storage, Hong Kong does not charge VAT