AEC Group at the forefront

Park & Charge

AEC Group is designing and planning charging station systems.  Users get a key that fits all Park & Charge charging stations - although the charging boxes are different. In addition to the public parking and charging stations we offer a concept for companies to operate and control their fleet management. Private companies (i.e. hotels, supermarket, restaurants) or individuals can also purchase suitable charging station to make their own electricity available to others.

AEC Group as a forerunner for e-mobility

New user concepts pave the way for the e-mobility era and AEC Group is planning and optimizing these concepts to suit the users.  Electric vehicles of all kinds will play an increasingly important role, especially for the dynamic megacities. They are quiet, environmentally friendly and especially suitable for short distances. Perfect for both private and increasingly corporate e-car sharing fleets. Automakers will be bringing new e-mobility concepts to individuals and businesses, especially through their car sharing and leasing offerings. The acceptance of electric cars could be massively increased by car sharing. Users have the opportunity to test an electric vehicle in everyday life, to familiarize themselves with the changes and to reduce possible prejudices. Without question, switching car rental companies and car sharing providers to electric vehicles would have a clearly positive signal effect on the general public, which would accelerate the shift to e-mobility.

Buy an E-Vehicle

The electric vehicle industry developed rapidly, also internationally, due to a confluence of various factors such as government support, industry changes and private consumer demand. The automotive industry in China has also begun to develop a large and prestigious electric vehicle sector, supported by both the private and public sectors. China's automakers are barely known in Europe or the US, but industry observers are sure that it will change soon.

The AEC Group had a look around and introduces some of the new models that will be launched in Asia and in Europe within the next 12 months - ready for delivery to your doorstep! Discounts for Members.

E-mobility in the fleet business

A research initiative by AEC Group is currently investigating and testing the use of electric vehicles in operating fleets in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. Results show a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in 2020 – this means a return of greenhouse emissions to the year 2000. Results show that 90 percent of most daily distances are less than 120 kilometers; the present range limitation of e-cars is no problem. Currently the fleet is still under test conditions involving 250 customers and and 15 electric vehicles.

E-car sharing as a business

The AEC Group is working on an electric car sharing concept called „Corporate Mobility on Demand”. Companies can rent a certain number of electric cars for a monthly flat rate. The employees of different companies then have access to these vehicles together and receive individual access cards. The allocation of the cars takes place through our web-based booking system. Companies and municipalities can use emission-free vehicles via the AEC Group System simply on demand. Through the cooperation with other businesses, the AEC Group expects a nationwide market development.